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What is a screen reader?

Screen readers are a type of assistive technology which transforms digital content into auditory content.

Screen readers interact with HTML code of a website and allows users to navigate websites by the underlying tags including: landmarks, headers, links or by every line.

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Who uses screen readers?

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Individuals in the blind community rely on screen readers to gain access to the internet and digital content.

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Screen readers use synthesized speech to narrate a site and can present the information in a braille display. The most popular screen readers are JAWS, VoiceOver and NVDA.

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Individuals with various other impairments may also use screen readers if they are not able to use a mouse.

Web Designs have an impact

Web accessibility allows individuals the same online experience regardless of their method of acquiring information.

Websites that are not coded following the Section 508 accessibility guidelines can have a negative interaction with screen readers, making content difficult or impossible to access.

Individuals should not be denied access to information just because they use this assistive technology.

How do blind users explore the web?